About Us

REAL CLEAN FOOD - this is our mission, and the principle underlying everything we do at Squeaky Clean Cafe.

We hope to educate the public about the fundamental difference between healthy and clean - clean food makes you feel & look good, while "healthy" food can sometimes take you further away from your goals (performance and aesthetic). Clean food is calculated, without hidden carbs or sugars or calories, and it can be customized to suit each individual person. While healthy food is often just unhealthy food in smaller portions, with reduced oil and no MSG (#sorrynotsorry). The fact is that healthy food likes to masquerade as clean food, but if your food was cooked in gravy or sauce, is decorated with fruits and lacking in sufficient protein, it's definitely not clean and it's also not going to give you the body, performance or benefits that you're hoping for! 

It's simply portion control!

One very common example is fruits - "healthy" companies like to add fruits to their meals to make it bright and colorful. While this might make for an instagrammable meal, you're actually consuming fructose for no reason greater than the fact that they want you to feel like you're getting your money's worth. Fructose not only spikes blood insulin, but it's also the first form of carbohydrate to be converted to fat, so if you're not active before of after having the meal, the fruits serve absolutely no purpose.

What Squeaky Clean does is give food a function. Our menu is separated into categories such as Protein, Carbs, Sides and Greens - the only thing we make mandatory is protein (cos you need it!) and everything else is add-as-you-wish.

Our menu is fully customizable so that you (or your trainer) can very easily plan your entire diet without being restricted to cookie-cutter meals.

We also weigh your food before they are packed so you can rest easy knowing your macros are being taken care of. (TIP: Use our dynamic macro calculator at the side of our menu to hit your desired macros as you add items to cart!)

All our macros can also be found on MyFitnessPal for easier tracking & for your trainer or friends to keep you accountable as well! Dieting/Eating clean is a marathon, not a sprint. (what a cliche, right? But it's the truth.)

Lastly, if you need a custom meal plan or advice on macros, feel free to email us at order@squeakycleancafe.com and we are more than happy to work on this with you! We are here to help - we want YOU to take charge of your diet, your macros, your life! 

Choose foods that you want! You shouldn't have to order food a week in advance not knowing what you're going to get and letting other people decide what YOU should eat! 

We want to help you reach your performance & aesthetic goals as easily & quickly as possible, and the best way to do that is to eat clean without feeling bored, unhappy or cranky! All our recipes are created by Benjamin Broughton (a bodybuilder who knows exactly what it feels like to be dieting for 16-20 weeks straight), trust us when we say our food may not taste clean, but that's the beauty of it because IT IS! We put all our effort and resources into sourcing for the highest quality ingredients, blending fresh herbs and spices to make zero-calorie, zero-carb seasonings, and spending hours cooking your food in a precise manner that makes it so delicious without having to add any nasty stuff! 

Okay, no more trying to justify why Squeaky Clean is great. Try us out, and see for yourself :-)